Your computer and IT technician – supporting small businesses in IT

We provide dedicated computer support for small businesses and home offices, with our IT technicians covering Johannesburg area, Midrand, Kyalami and Fourways.
Tech Cloud supplies an on-site IT technician as well as remote IT service support, with highly skilled professional IT technicians as well as off – site IT support.

We are firm believers and supporters of cloud technologies and services. It is our belief that SMB’s have strategic and cost advantages to using cloud technologies for their preferred choice of IT platform. However, though cloud is our preferred choice, it is sometimes not the best solution in certain circumstances.

Tech Cloud specializes in IT support services for small offices and home offices.
We have the solutions for IT hardware and software needs for our client’s needs. We are currently implement and support :

Small business / home office computer IT support & solutions

Our IT technical support team have services helping small businesses, home offices IT support and small office IT solutions including:

  • Wifi and network set-up and support
  • Microsoft 365 implementation and support
  • Data management solutions for small businesses
  • Outlook support

A small business is normally started on a shoestring budget, with cheaper services meant for entry level equipment. Our IT technical services are there to assess the requirements correctly regarding the IT hardware and software for your business as it grows to cover you fully. IT  technical services will include backing up documents using cloud data, installing wi-fi networks for your internet access, email support, installing VOIP telephony and more. As a small business grows, when you reach 5 users and above, your IT requirements change. Tech Cloud is your computer and IT technician to whom you can turn for any of your IT requirements. We specialize in identifying challenges with your current small business, and recommend what to do to get you to a reliable IT and computer hardware base. Personal service is our aim, to develop a trust relationship with you – so that you can run your business, safe in the knowledge that your IT technical support needs on-site and remote needs are being taken care of.

Providing small offices and homes IT support solutions IT technician on call!

Small business IT and wifi and email setup:

  • Network cabling for IT
  • Wifi networks installation, extension of wifi
  • Implement and install email solutions
  • Install hubs and intranet networks
  • Fixing internet / email problems
  • Troubleshoot and resolve software and hardware problems
  • IT configuring and setup on desktops, laptops, tablets.
  • Microsoft 365 installation
  • Small business on-site IT supported
  • Microsoft 365 support
  • Outlook email support

Email security:

  • Detect viruses and remove them
  • Remove adware, spyware, pop-ups
  • Prevent email spam
  • Troubleshooting and resolving IT, computer hardware problems

Data backup / recovery:

  • Cloud based backup and recovery
  • Cloud based solutions:
  • Microsoft 365 – be ahead of the pack with cloud based IT solutions