BNI is a structured business network, built for and on business referrals and networking. Business partners and networking organisations make stronger businesses using referrals and answerability regarding quality as the cornerstone to work from. There are weekly meet ups between BNI members, with multiple BNI chapters around the country, as well as online support. Being a business owner can get lonely and with multiple roles to play, a networked company into the business world allows for business owners to network, be motivated and supportive, as well as giving the client access to many more options as a result of a wide network of companies. BNI is centered around helping companies grow through good ethics, quality work and the largest referral network worldwide with over 2500 members in South Africa.

Is BNI an ethical referral system?
BNI has a set principles in how members conduct themselves in business and interact with each other
Business performance is monitored using mechanisms which have been set in place, creating a quality product for the client at the end of the day.
BNI helps to keep the business owner connected to the real world, to stay abreast of business happenings and to understand other businesses around them.

Good business relationships are created with time and interaction, referrals between business owners also mean that you WANT to have a good reputation
BNI also promotes life time learning and honing of professional skills.
Accountability, a positive attitude, recognition of achievements and building relationships is key to BNI