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Why backup your data to the cloud?


We are firm believers and supporters of cloud technologies and services. It is our belief that SMB's

have strategic and cost advantages to using cloud technologies for their preferred choice of IT platform.

However, though cloud is our preferred choice, it is sometimes not the best solution in certain circumstances. 



 Network connection problems 

Do you need IT support for the following?

Troubleshooting WiFi connection problems
WiFi connections for computer networks
Setting up wireless routers
Slow or weak internet strength
WiFi modems setup and installation
WiFi does not cover the whole office
Onsite and remote IT support.....

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Regulate and Optimise Internet Speed


What is slowing down your internet speed, and how can you improve it. If you optimise your internet speed  and regulate it,
you will improve business efficiency, reducing staff frustration and YOUR frustration when online. 

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 Outlook Features and Support

Reminders, threads, reservations and more Outlook features you need to know about.
Find out more about the Outlook features which can help you rn your business more smoothly.
Tech Cloud does Outlook installation, upgrades and support for small businesses needing IT support.

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Computer Equipment on a Tight Budget


Dont miss out on our prices, for memory upgrades, SSD Drives, Windows. 

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Understanding Firewalls

What is a firewall, and why does my internet and email program need them. Understanding firewalls and how they protect your information against viruses is important....


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