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Office 365 Document Management Solutions 

We provide Office 365 Document Management solutions for small businesses, document backup services, Office 365 document management support and Office 365 packages for small businesses and home offices. Your company’s lifeblood is the precious information stored in documents and in e-mails. Tech Cloud offers you extensive support in terms of managing Office 365 this information by protecting it and making it accessible to you at all times.

The Tech Cloud IT technicians team set out to resolve all Outlook e-mail issues, sets up Outlook e-mail addresses for you, identifying any mail issues you have. There comes a time when a business has expanded to a point where a more professional e-mail system is required. One that is accessible from anywhere, works like clockwork and is stored effectively.

This is where Microsoft Office 365 steps in, giving you efficiency like you may never have experienced before. Office 365 Document Management Solutions are reliable, effective and cloud based.With Office 365, your on-site hardware costs are minimised, and employee output is maximised. Office 365 offers corporate-level e-mail and professional collaboration infrastructure in a secure setting. Tech Cloud will install this subscription-based package for you.  As a subscriber, you will have access to all those Microsoft apps you know and love: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher. The difference is that Office 365 is cloud based, meaning that you have access to all these apps, wherever you are, from any device. No server headaches. No backup nightmares. Just the pleasure of Office 365!

As your business needs change, so your subscription to Office 365 can be adapted to keep pace with your company’s growth and expansion.

  If you are receiving information, it first is received in the cloud as all services first run from there.  If you are generating a new document offline, it will only sync when you are back online.  Collaboration on a network on one document requires internet connection to work.

FAQ about Office 365 Document Management Solutions

Does Office 365 document management work online only?

Office 365 document management solution works with offline clients as well as in the cloud (online). Being in the Cloud means that backups are easier, retrieval after document backups is easier and storage of your documents are safer

Where are documents stored?

Storing documents on a laptop or desktop can be risky becuase of theft, hardware crashes and possible vindictive attacks. Documents will also not be available unless you are on that specific computer. Office 365 document management means that the documents are stored in the cloud where the documents are online and accessible from wherever you have internet access,

Can I access my documents offline with Office 365?

Yes, and can also be worked on offline. Office 365 document management has been designed so that you can work offline with all files and will sync once you connect back online - think dropbox - same kind of system.




Key Technical Services for Office 365 

  • Email support and services
  • Outlook email support
  • Setting up email addresses 
  • Outlook troubleshooting
  • Cloud storage solutions
  • Cloud storage support
  • Office 365 document backups
  • Office 365 document retrieval 
  • Data protection
  • Security system installations
  • Anti-virus/anti-malware/anti-spyware software installations and updates
  • Office 365 installations 
  • Retainer and ad-hoc support options for Office 365 services
  • Document recovery and backup
  • Small business data backups


Office 365 document management help for small businesses and home offices.

  • Document sharing features
  • Online meetings and video conferencing for up to 250 people,
  • Task management applications and planners
  • Top of the range email functionalities.
  • The Office 365 suite is divided into packages which can be chosen according to your home office or small business size and needs.
  • Online and offline access to documents.
  • With Office 364 document management, your business or home office can function smoothly with highly effective tools!



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