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Onsite support for Computer Hardware (and offsite)

We have the computer hardware solution for your business! At Tech Cloud we offer on-site and off-site support for hardware, for all major computer hardware. This includes troubleshooting your computer hardware problems, re-installation of drivers, and updating your hardware. We will attempt to solve your computer hardware problems remotely, and if not possible then we will give onsite support for hardware.

As our aim is to provide computer hardware solutions with best reliability and business uptime. We therefore strongly advise our clients to get equipment with on-site warranty from manufacturers. We facilitate any equipment repairs through liaising with the manufacturer on your behalf if required. We will advise you on which laptops, desktops and other components offer the best value for money, should yours need replacing.

No problem is too small for Tech Cloud. We walk your IT journey alongside you. If your computer is sluggish, we’ll troubleshoot and solve the problem, advising on storage capacity, checking for viruses, upgrading your security; the works.

In addition to troubleshooting your existing network, we also install reliable, effective, affordable networks. This includes planning the layout and cabling solution, helping your employees perform optimally.

We have excellent relationships with credible suppliers, ensuring that only the best hardware is on offer to your business.




Key Computer Hardware Support Services

  • Hardware troubleshooting and repairs
  • Installing hardware updates
  • Network installations and support
  • Hard drive backups

What is the difference between computer hardware support and software support?

Computer hardware is the physical equipment e.g. the desktop, laptop, monitors, scanner and printer, UPS for lightning strikes and electricity issues. Computer software is the programs that run on the computer eg Office 365, drivers for your printer and scanner to make all the hardware connect and work. Software has to be installed on the hardware.


Why is it important to have the correct computer hardware?

Keeping up to date with technology is a daunting task and can feel as if you are swimming in a sea of mud. Tech Cloud has the experience and understanding to support you in selecting good quality hardware which has enough storage, and speed as well as the backup if need be.


IT support and servicing - my computer seems to be broken what is the procedure to be followed

Contact us and Tech Cloud will do onsite inspection of equipment. Having a good warranty period for the computer will stand you in good stead. This can save you time and money.

Looking for an IT Technician who does IT support, computer hardware upgrades, hardware trouble shooting? We are based in Fourways, Midrand, Sunninghill and Johannesburg.





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