Regulate and Optimise Internet Speed

Troubleshooting slow internet speed:

How does your internet service provider contract influence your internet speed?

  • Contracts with capped data

Capped data means there is a limit as to how much data you can use, and when you go over the cap the price per gig drastically increases. These contracts can be well priced and very useful if your core business is not internet based and you need it for the basic internet connection such as emails which do not contain images or videos. If you are downloading or uploading documents, images or videos, or find that you are reaching your “cap” before the end of the month, then this contract is not for your business. You might end up paying more for the extra data used, than you would if you had an uncapped package. Evaluate WHY you are reaching your cap e.g. are staff members using your data to do social media downloads, or surfing to sites which are not work related? Sites which use a lot of data are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook where videos are downloaded.

  • Contract fine print

Make sure you understand what the internet speed specified in your contract. 10Mg per second or more is a good speed for a small business.

To regulate and optimise your internet speed, first do troubleshooting.

This information is to help you regulate and optimise your internet speed and thereby improving your business efficiency, reducing staff frustration and YOUR frustration when online. High speed and reliable internet is essential for running a business and while ADSL was the standard for internet connection and still used widely, this is fast being replaced by fibre connections.

How does your computer hardware/software affect internet speed?

Tp regulate and optimise internet speed, allow our IT technicians can assess and evaluate your data usage and find out what is slowing down your internet, troubleshoot whether it is hardware, software related or because of staff misuse. Troubleshooting hardware causes of slow internet speed: – To investigate your hardware usage, follow these steps. On your PC or laptop, open your task manager. Check your CPU usage. It should not be running at maximum capacity. Check the disc usage. If it is running at 100% you might have a virus. If the disc usage is high, you must replace it with a faster hard drive, usually an SSD which improves your speed.

Assess your physical internet connection, WiFi router, set-ups and configuration which prevent a high speed reliable internet speed. If you have broken or out of date equipment, this could affect your internet speed as well. Our technicians can help you isolate the issue for example whether it is your laptop settings or PC capabilities, wireless interference or broadband router connection issues.

For help in determining hardware causes of a slow internet speed please call our technicians to help you with improving your hard drive capacity and prevent viruses and protect your PC against future attacks and optimise your internet speed. Troubleshoot software causes of slow internet speed: Check your DNS server-side (DNS is a domain name service, the company you are hosting with) – a slow DNS server will slow your searches down. Queries to the server will be cached and a slow server will be “remembered” for a few hours, slowing down traffic through the server if it is requested (queried) again!

How do staff-related issues slow down your internet speed?

If the problem with your internet speed being slow is staff induced, where the staff are misusing or abusing the company internet, then policies need to be drawn up and explained to the staff.

– Add in filters into the server which disable certain sites. Our IT support team can isolate the time and computer / device on the server and what they are accessing and sites they are browsing, how much data they are using and whether this is slowing your speed down.

– Social media sites have been shown to decrease work efficiency quite drastically world-wide with staff members spending more time on social media, than on actual work.

– Create policies where the internet access is used FOR the business, not taking away from the business. Many companies have put filters in place where staff cannot access certain sites during work times, but are able to access these areas during tea or lunch-times. Thus a perk for the staff, without disrupting the work needing to be done!

– Optimise internet usage times and avoid downloads during peak times, an IT Technician can help you find those peak times and help you set these filters in place!

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