Looking for upgrading or buying new computer equipment but on a strict budget?

New computer equipment prices can be pretty exorbitant – especially if you are looking for business grade equipment. I have a solution for you. A lot of my client’s are opting for upgrading their existing computer equipment with a new component called an SSD drive. I only really recommend this when the existing class of equipment is business grade. The reason is that business grade laptops are built to last a lot longer than entry level laptops and if you are going to invest in the upgrade, best you get as much life out of the equipment thereafter.

  • Don’t miss out on our current computer-equipment-on-a-budget prices
  • Memory upgrade to 8GB is dependent on laptop model – R650-R1200
  • SSD Drive – 240GB with 3 year warranty – R950
  • Optional – Hard drive carriage which replaces your existing cdrom so that you can use your existing hard drive for storage – R450
  • Computer refresh – once all components are in – Windows 10 is loaded and activated in process -R2600
  • Any incendiary service attached to above is charged at R750 per hour and a call out charge applied depending on where you are located.