Managed IT Support


Managed services means providing an ongoing service to maintain the IT environment. Typically means a monthly SLA is agreed to.


What is maintained in a managed IT support solution is the following:

* Wifi and network equipment updated when required – manufacturer’s updates

* Wifi monitoring – is your wifi dropping with too many people on at the same time, people streaming live media or someone trying to hack the system.

* Track whether your internet being used properly with accurate tracking reports on network usage.

* Computer equipment support – Monitoring cpu and memory usage per computer as needed. Eg. Is the PA given the slowest and worst laptop or desktop with the slowest speed and lowest memory? Tech Cloud can monitor and report on how much time is being wasted by computer being slow. Improve your efficiency and productiveness by analysing and reordganising your IT network.

Computers are operating systems and program patched with the latest from service providers. This ensures stability while maintaining security. If something goes wrong, we have the tools to support and fix your issues or to give you good direction otherwise.