Network Connection Problems In Small Businesses

We troubleshoot and solve network connection problems for small businesses and home offices. The Tech Cloud specialist WiFi technician understands small business / company  WiFi networks are essential to company survival.

We support small businesses with:

  • Troubleshooting and fixing WiFi connection problems
  • WiFi connections for computer networks
  • Slow or weak internet strength
  • WiFi modems
  • Technical expertise for modems and boosters where WiFi does not cover the whole office? Business WiFi networks are assessed as to whether they have sufficient strength and coverage of the business area. If your WiFi network is often down or not covering your staff’s needs, your business can be seriously hurt. This is where we come in.
  • Setting up wireless routers
  • Managed IT support packages for WiFi and internet services
  • Onsite and remote IT support

Tech Cloud IT technicians troubleshoot small business WiFi network connection problems, WiFi network coverage, WiFi strength according to the area needing to be covered and connection of the hardware to the WiFi network.

Troubleshoot common WiFi network connection problems for computers in small businesses and tips in solving them

Identify the network connection problem by answering these questions:

  • Is the power source is working?
  • Is the router powerful enough to reach the whole office?
  • Do the antennas needs moving?
  • Hard drive backups
  • Are other routers interfering with your WiFi?
  • Check your WiFi strength in each office?
  • Do you use a booster router, how far is the range?

Fix the network connection problem:

  • Reboot the internet connections
  • Check for loose cables or a power source which is off
  • Reset the modem
  • For wireless-specific issues, check the IP address and network names are compatible / ping your AP or router

Setting up a wireless router:

If you are setting up a wireless routed for your small business, understanding the router options is important. Routers need to be powerful enough to handle your needs, and each router is different although they are accompanied by directions.

  • Routers have LAN ports and WAN ports which look similar but are different colours. The router gets connected to the modem through the WAN port (wide area network) which is yellow and labelled internet.
  • An Ethernet cable is the cable that connects the ports in modems, computers and routers. Connect an Ethernet cable into the WAN port and the other end of the cable to the modem
  • The second Ethernet cable gets connected in the LAN ports and computer or laptop.
  • Once the cables are connected, you can plug in your power adapter.
  • Now that the router has been connected and has started up, confirm that the laptop has been connected to the local WiFi network on your laptops /desktops task bar
  • On the routers configuration section, add in your router settings in the address bar.
  • WiFi uses specific codes to reach the correct devices. Check on the router that the code is correct when it is set up

For WiFi technical help for your small business in Johannesburg, Midrand and the surrounds, Tech Cloud IT support services can help you troubleshoot, diagnose and fix the WiFi network connection problems. Our IT Support covers remote support for small businesses and onsite support for WiFi networks.