Call Out Pricing – Dependent on where in Gauteng you are situated – however here are examples for you to get an idea:

Kyalami : free

Randburg : R250

Roordeport : R450

Johannesburg Central : R450

Pretoria Central : R650

Hourly Pricing –

R750 per hour

Disclaimer: Please note that prices are subject to change and need to be confirmed with TechCloud when requesting a quote. We do our best at all times to provide quality service and products, and at a cost which is affordable to small businesses.

Pricing Packages –

This is for customers looking for a monthly maintenance fee. We typically deal with companies going full cloud – that is, all services running in the cloud. This requires a specialized service and its negotiated around R750 per user and typically a cost of R1250 for network monitoring and maintenance.

FAQ’s On Pricing Packages

How do Tech Cloud IT packages work? What is the estimated cost for IT services?
Disclaimer: Please note that prices are subject to change and need to be confirmed with TechCloud when requesting a quote. We do our best at all times to provide quality service and products, and at a cost which is affordable to small businesses.

Maintenance monthly pricing package:

Normally we charge R750 per computer per month. This is variable depending on needs and environment of the small business. Daily remote support for each PC – This includes ‘unlimited’ (with fair usage!) remote support

Daily service included in price for each pc is the following:

  • Windows 10 patch monitoring
  • Upgrading and troubleshooting
  • Windows 3rd party app monitoring, upgrading and troubleshooting eg, adobe acrobat, browser updates, java updates etc
  • Daily hardware monitoring – Eg is your cpu running at 100% for the last hour and why, is your memory adequate as you are using it throughout the day, is your hard drive failing, etc.
  • Monitored security software maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Application support – a typical example where Outlook might not open and needs remote IT support to resolve the issue.

Other IT support options

  • Office 365 support
  • IT price package includes maintenance and configuring
  • Network monitoring, maintenance and support. The switch will be monitored to ensure your network is running optimally.
  • Should you choose firewall, this requires constant maintenance with firmware upgrades and signatures to ensure the firewall keeps up with security requirements as threats change.(very similar to an anti-virus needing to update regularly). There will be a small fee charged over and above for the maintenance of the firewall.
  • Backup monitoring and services – most small businesses will use Onedrive for Business, however if there is special needs this will be covered by a backup solution.

Price package for small business disaster recovery:

  • If there is disaster recovery, is this an ad hoc price per hour: R750 per hour, R1500 per hour after hours.
  • Does a support package include automatic updates?
  • Support packages are for support only, as update packages are specified by the provider and are costed separately.
  • What is the process for Tech Cloud to do the IT support?
  • IT Support is first dependent on audit done on environment. The IT support technicians
  • Do physical inspection of current setup, run our audit software on all computers, laptops, servers Inspect network equipment and cabling, type and quality of internet access.
  • Look at what the business is using for email, document and backup solutions.
  • We then provide a report with recommendations.

Effective support audits are important for a small business IT solution, so that the IT environment has to be setup right for cloud technologies such as Office 365. There are also different options on Office 365 packages and a law firm will have different requirements to a plumbing business. A monthly amount is proposed based on the information gathered. Background on this: by the time a company is looking at a solution like Office365, their requirements have changed from having IT being a grudge purchase/or a secondary consideration to one of strategic and operational importance. IT must work reliably to help grow their business.

Yes. Outlook email setup can be done remotely.

f you need to move from current mail provider to Office 365, we need to work with your current host to change settings for Office 365.

  • The cost is R350 once off
  • Setup office365 platform – R550 once off

Moving of current email/s to new exchange account is dependent on your internet connection etc. Service for this and cost will be determined on investigation. 

  • Remote setup – R250 per mailbox
  • Onsite setup is R750 per hour
The space limit on your Outlook emails depends on the package chosen – The Microsoft website can help you with Outlook email pricing packages.   

Sending large attachments via email is not the best way anymore.  Best practice is to upload to any file transfer facility like “wetransfer” etc.  We will show user how to do this.

Office 365 licenses can be paid monthly, for the year (annual) or annual commitment but paid monthly. User pays via credit card directly to Microsoft.
Office365 is via credit card, Tech Cloud services are eft according to invoice.

Yes. Save in the long run by doing a proper setup upfront.

Going Office 365 must be done properly – planned and proper advice given by an IT technician that is experienced and knowledgable. If not, costs will be in the form of downtime, lost information, inefficiencies etc. Don’t lose information by cutting corners. The solution is not a ‘once off’ cost item. As your IT provider, we walk with you on your journey and provide a trusted and reliable service in the form of maintenance, training and support of environment.