Workforce Management

Workforce Management

During the lockdown, owners had to get their employees to work from home. This presented a number of challenges. One of these was evaluating employee productivity when not being able to see what the employee was doing as in a traditional work environment. In order to address this, we went out and evaluated systems to address this need.

Employee Tracking and Analytics

Enter ActiveTrak. This software provided the means of analyzing work being done on the computer. Employee productivity, when using their computers to do their work, could therefore be evaluated by the company. An agent runs on every employee’s computer. This identifies the user working in session, monitors every action or inaction, and provides useful reports on this monitoring. This provides management with the means of assessing employee productivity using real-world data gathered.

productivity chart

Employee KPI made easy

Our client now uses this data to aid in their KPI procedures. When an employee uses most of their time performing their duties on their computer, the analytics provided on this can provide valuable information as to productivity trends. What is useful is that employees can monitor their own performance via their own login to the system. Targets can be set and measured against what is seen. The system even provides a reporting structure to aid management in coaching their staff.

Coaching Data

Trialing AcktivTrak

AcktivTrak provides a 14 day trial of its software for you to evaluate its usefulness. We have experience in implementing and configuring ActivTrak for your requirements. Contact us in the form below to experience AcktivTrak for yourselves.

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