Outlook Features You Need to Know About

Outlook emails make life simple and work efficient, perfect for small businesses and home offices. With Outlook features which surpass other email programs, the email program makes retireval, storage and sending of emails user friendly and efficient. Not all the Outlook features are well known, but here are some that are useful for you to know about

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Outlook Email Attachment Reminder

Outlook feature regarding email attachments, prevents you from sending out an email without an attachment if you composed an email with the keyword “attachment” or “attached”.

Outlook Reservations

The reservations feature does automatic calendar entries of booked reservations. When you receive reservations for flights, car or even hotel reservations, Outlook can add the information to your calendar automatically. Unfortunately, Outlook does not calculate travel time to the airport yet.

Outlook Email Threads

If ever you find yourself on a long email threads that you want to ignore, with the email threads feature, instead on deleting every single message, you can just ignore the whole conversation. If you ever find yourself stuck on a thread see the Exchange Team Blog. With the new Outlook email threads feature, all the message in the thread will go straight to the Deleted Item Folder.

Outlook Item Alerts

Outlook’s “item alerts” will alert you whenever you receive an incoming email that meets a specific criteria. The item alert feature is user friendly, helping the user to attend to important business and receive important messages.

Multiple Windows

Outlook’s feature for multiple windows allows you to open multiple Outlook windows simultaneously to smoothly go back and forth between your inbox and your calendar or view them side-by-side.

Outlook Mentions

Outlook “mentions” feature is one where you mention someone by name in an email sent to a dozen of people. Instead of using the bold effect or underling, you can now use the @ symbol to show that they are mentioned by name. This works like the famous mention feature from Twitter and Facebook. The mentioned person will have an @ symbol when they receive the message in their inbox.