Why Office 365 can benefit your Business

Why Office 365 can benefit your Business

Microsoft Office 365 login

Microsoft Office is the standard productivity software for most computer users. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook are what all general computer users know.  If you have come to this page, you are probably an owner or decision-maker doing some research on Microsoft Office 365 for Business or want to buy office 365 for business.  Hopefully, by the end of this article, you would have enough information about Why IT Support Services are imperative and why you need to consider Microsoft Office 365 for Business to make a decision and call us.

Office 365 : Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Emails make sense when you are running them in Microsoft Outlook. That very recognizable folder setup and preview pane show emails in a format that is easy to navigate and use.  With Microsoft Office 365 for Business, Microsoft has put Outlook on steroids.  Microsoft provides you with the latest Outlook version and configures your company email to be provided as an inbox in Outlook.

This presents many advantages:

  1. When you require access to your email, you can easily do so from anywhere in the world. All the most common devices such as computers, phones, and tablets can access Microsoft Outlook with the required app.  You can also safely access email by going to the Office 365 login on your favorite browser.
  2. You will never run out of space! Your clients will not get that embarrassing message of a delivery error saying you have run out of space.
  3. Spam or junk email filling up your Outlook is a non-issue.  If your IT provider configures the Office 365 platform properly and educates users on how to avoid spam, you can be far more productive with your time going through your emails!
  4. Your email is far more reliable than if you had to use the traditional Email providers.  Microsoft ensures your email reliability. There is a facility on the platform which provides reports on the success or failure of email delivery.  This report is presentable for legal purposes.
  5. No lost email! Stolen or damaged computer equipment is nothing to worry about.  When you get your replacement, all you have to do is log in again, and viola! All your email appears as if nothing happened. 
  6. Easy access to any Outlook company email and calendars.  Companies regularly face this issue when a company employee is indisposed. Office 365 for Business has the feature to allow you to assign permissions to this mailbox. Whoever is assigned to monitor this email can do so using their own computers.

No business can operate without a reliable email service.  Should any of the features above affect you, your competition can pick up where you have lost or not received that important email or been able to send out that important email reliably. To understand the importance, book an appointment with Tech Cloud for Office 365 for small businesses 2022 and we will assist and suggest you a more suitable solution according to your custom needs.

Document Management

The other part of Microsoft Office 365 addresses the documents generated by Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.  The packages provided by Office 365 for Business include the latest Microsoft Office software.  Part of the package is Sharepoint and Onedrive.  Company and Departmental documents are kept in Sharepoint. Onedrive for Business is your My Documents in the cloud.  Files can be backed up automatically using the Onedrive for Business Sync Client.

Office 365 for Business is designed for document collaboration.  Emailing documents to each other is now a thing of the past.  One document can be accessed and tracked for changes as to who did what.  Users can access one document simultaneously. Teams can see what their members are working on at any point in time and contribute accordingly.  

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

This platform has changed the way companies work internally. Microsoft Teams easily promotes effective internal company communications. When the pandemic hit, the biggest request and frustration voiced was – ‘where do I find that file!???’.  The companies we had moved onto Teams and taught how to work it did not have this issue.  With Teams, communication among members is much easier and intuitive, file security easier to apply, and document collaboration a breeze.  You have to use it to ‘get it’.  Needless to say, those we have moved to Teams are using best office 365 for small business fully, and don’t use Outlook for internal communication and will not go back to what they are doing previously.  We, at Tech Cloud, can assist you in understanding how you can take benefits of it. 

Office 365 to the rescue

Office 365 for Business by Microsoft offers you all of this. It is supplied by the company who has provided you with the products since the day you started using computers. Microsoft has now moved these services to computer equipment they maintain which you access via your computer connected to the internet. You have the latest software and features normally reserved for big enterprises at a fraction of the cost they normally outlay. Office 365 is a bouquet of powerful pieces of software and services that when used well, can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business significantly.

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